Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The economy sucks, so be thankful

With the doom and gloom being reported by the media and the cautiousness of business owners I've seen out there, one would believe the good times are over and hell has come to earth in the form of a recession.

The signs are there for our family as well. As many of you know our situation up to this point, we now have a chance to "do it right" with our financial future. Yet even with a reduction in expenses we still find our family budget teetering on the edge of being in the red come February 2009.

So all the signs point to a miserable life continuing and all those woe-is-me blogs in the past should continue as well....guess what? Not now!

You see as I sit here in my favorite coffee shop Forza (Bryan, you will owe me some advertising fees!) I type an optimistic blog. And I really don't have a reason to except for him:

and them:

and these guys:

So many life lessons have been shared and learned in this year of 2008. The most important of them all is that my family is my life. The iPhone, the career, the house, the money all mean nothing if I can't share life with my little Pitts clan.

Kristy, Jessi, Jonny, Kaylie, Ryan and Bella....I love you very much and I thank God with every breath for you. That is what I am thankful for.

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alandram said...


I think you have hit it on the head with this one. To have all of your children happy, healthy and at home each day is to be truly blessed. Having a wonderful spouse makes the picture complete and the world so much easier to bear.