Saturday, November 22, 2008

How 'bout them Apples?!

What's better then winning the Apple Cup? Knowing the Huskies are
going to finish the season winless!

What a good part of my day. My company had our holiday party this
afternoon at the Palace Ballroom in Seattle. I know it's not
Thanksgiving yet, but having it before turkey day is sort of a
tradition with our company.

The linner was delicious. One of the best get togethers we've had.
Everyone was on good behavior and our new west coast boss gave a good
message about keeping our heads up during these economic times. Kristy
and I really enjoyed ourselves.

Afterwards, we walked around Seattle for a little bit and then enjoyed
some "us" time at Starbucks on Alki. It was good hanging out with
Kristy...something we don't do a lot, but eventually will in about 18
years. >8-{

Overall, a good day. Enjoyed good food, mingled with co-workers, spent
time with my wife and the Cougs beat the Huskies! It's good to know
that I don't support the worst college team in the Pac-10!

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