Friday, November 21, 2008

iPhone update is saved by Forza Coffee!

I found out today that the iPhone had a new update. However, being without the internet at home I had to scramble down to the cabana and download the update. Of course...the WiFi is NOT working, AGH!

Plan B, I'll head to Starbucks right down the road...closing in 10 minutes...DOUBLE AGH!!!

Plan C, and I am embarrassed because it should have been Plan B: Forza in DT Puyallup. My buddy Bryan runs an awesome coffee shop with great employees. I walked inside and half the population of Puyallup had the same idea! So instead of cussing, I simply asked for help.

Forza's employees are the best. Haley hooked me up with a table and chair and I was able to get my iPhone updated!!! I hope Bryan forgives me...he's a good guy so he probably will.

So iPhone's updated, weekend's here and it's time for the Apple Cup. The teams suck, but it's still the Apple Cup. I am dreaming of a 0-12 Husky season...Santa would be giving us Coug fans an early Christmas present.

28-24 Cougars win the 101st Apple Cup!!!

GO COUGS!!!!!!!!

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Team Forza Puyallup said...

Rory, that's such a flippin' sweet blog entry! I'm having issues with my internet at home or else I'd be sporting a fresh update of 2.2 as well on my iPhone. What a great tool the iPhone is! Be blessed my friend and we'll look forward to seeing you around P-Town!