Friday, November 28, 2008

Jump starting my New Years Resolution by sleeping in on Black Friday!

Hey everyone! Hope your Thanksgiving was good. Our family got together
with my in-laws and had a great day! Very thankful for such a blessing
of a day.

I didn't participate in the mad rush of getting up early for Black
Friday. Unless it's all for free, I see no need to get up at butt-
crack early. Besides, it can be deadly! A Walmart employee in New York
was trampled to death this morning! That's ridiculous! What a bunch of
jack holes!

Well, we start our budget Monday and I am also going to get back on
the eating healthy and exercising horse. I have gained almost 15
pounds in November...unbelievable! Figured with the budget and diet,
we get a jump start on our New Years resolutions ;-)

Here's to saving money and losing my gut!!! See ya!


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