Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not enough time at the end of the day

I was hoping my first blog would be a podcast. As you can see it's not. 

I find there is more stuff than there is hours of the day. Sleep sometimes takes a back seat. Bills need to be paid, sales need to be made, I need to get....um, let's move on.

The idea of creating my own podcast has interested me for sometime. I have always had a dream to do radio but not the stomach or drive to deal with the crap side of the business. So, I am actively setting up my podcast. 

I hope to incorporate me in it. As must my family and friends now, I am different and I love to have fun. Funny sounds, inappropriate humor and my opinion should fill it out pretty nicely!

Keep an eye out for my first podcast. Hopefully, I can deliver it sooner than it took Guns 'N Roses to release Chinese Democracy!

In football as in life, remember to hold on to your balls tight and look for good penetration,

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