Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a historic day

What have I just experienced tonight? A black man (that's right PC police, I said black) is the president-elect of our country. Amazing stuff. 

I was happy to share this important part of history with my family. Not that I am old enough to REALLY understand the significance of this, but my children don't even begin to comprehend the struggle it has been for our country to get past the color of someone's skin.

I voted for Obama for one reason alone...he has given our country a vision and a direction and a chance for us to believe we can be better. Being a history buff, I have envyed those who got a chance to feel the energy of John F. Kennedy and his vision for America. I hope what I feel now is something close to that.

Obama is not perfect. But he is what we need as a country right now.

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