Monday, December 8, 2008

The 4th Annual Pitts Holly Day was a smashing success!

It's days like this past Saturday that make me feel a sense of purpose in my life. Our family celebrated our 4th Annual Pitts Holly Day by hanging around Puyallup and doing some fun holiday things.

We started off by having a big breakfast at the only place I can afford to take my family any more...the Old Country Buffet. Food was pretty good. Funny thing though; a nice old lady came up to us and told Kristy and I how well behaved our children are and how beautiful our family is. After thanking her she started to walk away. All of a sudden Ryan yells out, "Hey grandma, get back here. Hey grandma, where you going?!" We all just about fell on the floor!

Next we headed over to the Old Cannery in Sumner to see Santa. The store was set-up very festive and all of the employee were super nice. I stood in line for an hour while everyone else got to spend some time playing and watching the trains. Kristy was kind enough to rescue me from a very nice, but overly chatty lady and her surprisingly well behaved kid. We also ran into an old friend from school, April Durbin. It was good to chat with her for a little bit.

We were then off to the big parade. The Santa parade in DT Puyallup was great. The weather cooperated and the sunset was spectacular. The way it shone on the new town hall it almost felt like we were on the palouse in Pullman. Bella and Ryan had a blast with all the sounds and lights. It was great to see so many people out celebrating the Christmas holiday spirit.

Great story from after the parade. Jon was sitting next to a little guy who had a toy tractor. Right after the parade was over the family high tailed it out of there. Jon grabbed the toy thinking if we ran into them we could give it back. On our way to our last event, we spotted the family walking into a Taco Bell and when Jon caught up with them, the mom was super happy and couldn't believe we found them. Jon felt really proud to return the toy.

Finally we capped off the night with a trip to the Victorian Country Christmas at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. We think the kids enjoyed it, but sadly to say Kristy and I were very disappointed. It's not quite what it's advertised to be. We figured a very cool set-up with a Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol sort of set-up...nope. It was basically booths set-up up for merchants to peddle their goods. But, they were dressed in the era garb. If you haven't gone, your not missing much.

All in all it was a good Holly Day. The kids were pretty good and I think they had a blast. I pray the memories we created for them will stick to them like velcro. It's important to Kristy and I that kids love this time of year and think of family. Some day they'll have their own families and I want them to remember old mom and dad when they make holiday plans.

It worked out real good that our plans this year where within 5 miles of each other. We planned on staying close to home compared to other years for the obvious reasons everyone else is feeling in their wallets this year. My hope is to celebrate our 5th Annual Pitts Holly Day somewhere super special next year--maybe Leavenworth?!


Jessi said...

Hey grandma, where ya' goin'? LOL! Ryan is so funny!

Jamie May said...

I just love your family. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Day.
Peace, Jamie May