Thursday, January 8, 2009

When it rains it pours!

As of now, the Pitts clan is surving the Great Flood of 2009! Fortunately we find ourselves on the right side of the Puyallup river as the west side is starting to flood. It's insane to see how fast the river is flowing and the size of the logs floating down towards Tacoma.

I stopped by the boardwalk under the Puyallup River Bridge to a crowd of other looky-loos and I was shocked at how quickly the river was rising. The apartments in the background of the picture were experiencing a flooded parking lot and were getting ready to evacuate the tenants!

I talked to the folks at the office of our complex and they reassured me that it's never flooded the neighborhood so that was good to hear! The kids have no school on Thursday because of the flooding. So far they've missed four days between the snow and the floods...should be in school until the end of June...ha ha ha!!!

Other then that, we had a good time at home celebrating New Years Eve by eating lots of juke food and playing Rock Band on the Wii. As a family we expect GOOD and big changes this year in almost all aspects of our lives. As the year rolls along, I'll share more of what we know and what you don't ;-)

Stay dry, stay safe and most of all...stay sane!

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