Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let the contest begin...

I went up to Seattle today to be an in studio guest at Sports Radio 950 KJR AM for the Joe The Fan contest. It was so much fun. I met the other guys and then we had a chance to spend an hour with the host, Ian Furness and talk about ourselves and some of our views on sports. I could have stayed at least 4 more hours!

I have spent the last two days getting the word out to friends and family to head over to to vote for me. The support has been outstanding, but the contest isn't over yet! There's three rounds/weeks of voting and I can't become Joe The Fan without everyone's help.

Cool thing is, even if I don't end up being Joe The Fan, Kristy and I will enjoy a special gift of a stay at a hotel by Safeco Field and a gift certificate to Jimmy's Restaurant.

I am cautiously exciting and can't completely let loose until I am declared JOE THE FAN! Thanks again for everyone's help and support!!!

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