Thursday, February 11, 2010

20 Years Ago Heavyweight Boxing Died

It continues to amaze me how time flies. I know we all talk about it, but it truly is one of this world's most inconceivable things. I heard on the radio today that it was the 20th anniversary of the night Mike Tyson was knocked out in Tokyo. 20 years ago?! Holy crap!!!

In our house, we were raised on Mike Tyson. My father and grandfather were big boxing fans and back when fights were on regular television, they would make sure to drag us along to watch this Tyson kid. My God he was a bad ass.

Seemed like every time we watch he was knocking fools out within the first 90 seconds. Incredible. His upbringing was rough and an old time trainer took him under his wing and made him into a champion. Mike Tyson was one of those athletes like Jordan or Griffey, Jr you stopped everything you were doing just to see what unbelievable thing he'd do next. He was that great.

Until that night 20 years ago. All the fame and fortune went to his head. Don King took over as his manager. Everyone was looking forward to the Evander Holyfield match-up scheduled for later that year. Buster Douglas was a no one and this was just another fight. Problem is...someone forgot to tell Buster Douglas that.

I remember to this day the shock I felt about hearing the champ had been defeated. I believe it was on cable at the time, so we just got the news and they broke the story the champ not only lost but was knocked out. I was crushed. An invincible athlete proved that night that he too was only human.

That night in Tokyo, boxing as I knew it died and was never the same again.

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