Saturday, July 31, 2010

You’re Fat – So Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

Before you start crying and raising the fur on the back of your neck, let me say this…..YOU ARE FAT.

Piss you off? Good—because you and me and a lot of other Americans are fat. I’ve finally come to believe this after spending the last two weeks keeping track of what I’m eating on a daily basis. I’ve brushed off this notion, probably just like you too.

“I’m not fat. Ok, maybe a little bit. But I’m not as fat as that guy.”

We find ways to justify our horribly unhealthy diet.

“Well, I’ll get a Diet Coke with my Whopper (with cheese) and large French fry.”

You’re fat, I’m fat, almost everyone is fat. Don’t believe me? Record what you eat on a daily basis. I dare you. You might not be happy with what you discover. For example, here’s an average day for me when I used to work in sales and “didn’t have time" for breakfast at home or want to take a lunch to work.







Maybe this is close to your daily consumption, maybe it’s not. The point is look at how many calories I would consume during the day—4134!!! And that’s probably a conservative take on my daily calorie consumption. On top of that, include a extremely inactive lifestyle and it’s easy to see why I am fat. Is it the fast food industries fault I’m fat? Nope. I’m the reason I’m fat. By not taking the time to care about the fuel I put into my body, I have created a body that is well on its way to a heart attack, diabetes and numerous future health problems.

“Well, I’m happy with who I am and I don’t mind if I’m overweight.”


That is one of the biggest bull-crap lies you can tell yourself. Are you really happy? Wouldn’t you like to walk up just one flight of stairs without breathing hard? Do you enjoy squeezing in the movie theater seats while you overflow into the next one? How much fun is it to have people smirk and chuckle at your lard ass? Stop settling for this. You are better than that. How do I know? Because I’m better than that.

I’ve been slowly gaining weight over the last 16 years—hmmm, same amount of time since I’ve been out of high school. I weighed about 170-80 lbs after I graduated. I now weigh 271 lbs. At my biggest, I tipped the scales at 292 lbs. That is ridiculous, especially for the father of five and the husband to a beautiful woman who birthed those children (BTW, she has basically maintain herself even after having five kids). Me, I needed to change.

The doctor told me two years ago I had a fatty liver. I didn’t know what that was. Turns out it can be a very dangerous thing. Your liver is extremely resilient, but even your liver can only take so much abuse until it gives up the ghost. “Well”, I thought to myself, “

I’m 32 years old, I’m smarter than the doctor. I’ll just eat healthier and whatever.” Then earlier this year I noticed a pain in my side. After doing some research and talking with a friend of mine I realized I was having problems with my gall bladder. The liver never gave me a sign it was in distress, the gall bladder left me with a constant pain.

Not having insurance (I had just switched jobs), I couldn’t go see a doctor. I had to solve this problem. I had to change my eating habits. That’s when I decided to use the power of technology to help me take back my life—and yes, there is an app for that.

My average daily consumption of calories should be between 2200 and 3000 calories per day. That's a big range. But look a little closer. With my horribly inactive lifestyle I should have been consuming no more than 2200 per day. Remember that number above? 4134. I was almost consuming twice as many calories per day then I should have and not exercising. Now that's a great recipe for changing my legal name to Fatty McGee.

How about you? Are you consuming the right amount of calories per day based on your activity? Chances are you are not. And what about my beer drinking friends? A yeah, those brews are truly adding to your beer gut. A macro brew like Budweiser--143 cal in a 12 oz can. Seriously, who just drinks one can? I digress.

"But counting calories is pointless. I watch my fat intake and carb consumption."

Yeah, well how has that been working for you? I've tried that too.

"Well, I've used a national weight loss program to watch what I eat."

Again, how's that been working for you? Throwing money away every month because some rich celebrity endorses the product. Really? Don't be dumb with your money. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to lose weight, and keep it off is permanently changing your lifestyle.

For me that comes in the form of recording what I eat and counting my calories. Want proof? Head over to my weight loss blog Losing The Past and see how far I've come in the last two weeks. Not only am I keeping my net calorie intake under 2200, but I'm also exercising every other day. I jog, but I've also realized that an hour of walking can burn so many calories too! I want to run a 5k within the next six months--that's why I jog. But you can walk an hour every other day or thirty minutes every day.

Get your calorie intake in check and exercise. That's the secret. Simple. Yet, you struggle to do it. Why? Stop making excuses and decide you're tired of being fat and unhealthy. Look in the mirror--are you really happy with what you see? Now do it naked. Yeah, it's pretty scary how fat we've become. But we are still young enough to make that change.

I began this post calling you fat. You are fat. But you don't have to be. The choice is yours. Aren't you worth it? Don't your kids deserve to have you around to celebrate first dates, graduations, weddings, grandchildren and life? You're damn right they are and so are you. Make the change today, fatty. ;-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

I Was Fired Today

That was what my blog post was supposed to say today. Given a verbal warning on June 23rd to improve my production or face termination in one month, the hope was that by making more sales I would inevitably save my job. Well, the production didn’t improve – it actually got worse – and so I was let go two weeks into this four week window. I haven’t talked much about my termination in the past two weeks ‘cause I wanted to let the dust clear before I discussed my feelings about what has happen.

Let me begin by saying the best vision in the world is described is that of hindsight – 20/20…can’t get much better than that. I left one career that I had been a part of for almost 10 years. I felt it was time to go. As the economy was getting tighter for a sales guy and then to have them add a second sales rep, I just couldn’t see making a living through all of that frustration. Are there things I could have done better at that job? Absolutely. Are there things that upper management could have done better to help me through that frustration. Definitely. At the end of the day we both failed each other and I left a company that began as a family, but then felt like a marriage that was over and no one really knew why. It just was.

In stepped an opportunity to start fresh in a new career selling a pretty simple product. My buddy told me that when he first started there were some frustrations, but now things were better and all in all it was a good company with good pay. So I contacted the sales manager and within two weeks I was hired. However, the whole hire process was a little suspect. For example, I was told that I needed to meet with the general manager before a decision could be made. Ok, no problem. Well, they needed me to meet him in a spur of the moment meeting three days later…at 9 am. That wasn’t going to work since I needed to give proper notice to take a personal day and Mondays were sales meeting days. The future company wouldn’t budge and I uncomfortably asked for and took off that day to meet with the general manager.

Here’s where the first red flag came up. I show up Monday morning to meet with the general manager. I even arrived 15 minutes early to make a good impression. I introduced myself to the receptionist and told her I had a 9 am appointment with the general manager. The blank look on her face said it all. She knew of no meeting. She said she would make some calls and see what’s what.

Twenty minutes later (9:05) she instructs me she is still trying to find out what is going on. Finally, at 9:20 we get an answer from the HR manager. You see, no one instructed her as to the meeting because she was on vacation the previous week. And to top it off, the general manger who I was suppose to meet? You know, the meeting that was so damn important that I looked like a fool taking a personal day off for. Apparently, he was called away to a very important meeting at corporate and totally forgot about the meeting. You guessed it, there was no meeting. Is this how a company runs their operation? Nah, my buddy said they were good people. Hindsight is 20/20.

To list the rest of the various reasons why it didn’t work would be a waste of typing and reading. Ultimately, and this is my humble opinion, the position was a wall sticker job. What I mean is that if you throw enough spaghetti against the wall, some of it’s bound to stick. There were things I was told about the job that NEVER came to be. When I expressed my concerns about the job during the hiring process and help I would need to be successful, those concerns were addressed in such a way that I felt comfortable choosing this company as my next career. Besides, my success is tied to their success so it’s in their best interest to help me succeed, right? I should’ve known I was dealing with sales representatives.

In the end, was it a good decision to leave the company I had known for almost 10 years? Yes. The love was gone. Was it a good move to choose the following company? No. But here’s my Doogie Howser/Wonder Years/Family Ties/Full House moment – I’m happy. I learned that I do not like sales. I also realized I have a chance to move forward in a career that I truly want to: Information Technology. I’ve mapped out the rest of my classes with my adviser to finish my Management Information Systems Bachelor’s Degree next Fall 2011. Aside from friends and family – and a good pizza – I love computers. I’m a technology geek. I’m an iTard for new gadgets. This is my passion and that’s what I want to be a part of.

I have a loving and supportive family who understands the stress and hell that I have been through over the past 3-4 years with my job, our finances and my faith. Is this my “coming to Jesus” moment – I know my wife hopes so. But here’s the bottom line – and thank you for staying with this blog because it’s abnormally long – I believe in a higher power. And I believe that in life you have to scrap up your knees before you truly learn how to be humble about your place in this world and your short time on this planet. Life is never promised to us as being easy and can sometimes get downright effing hard. But I now understand, it’s what I do from these life lessons that shapes and molds my integrity and who I be for the rest of my days. And the reason I do what I do is that I have 10 little eyes watching, learning and remembering how dad made it through those rough years and I want them to be proud of the better man and father that I ultimately become.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Even haters belong in America

As the 4th of July celebration begins to settle down, I find myself thinking about a few things I’ve read and heard over the last few days that really gets under my skin. From people complaining about the fireworks themselves, to others making fun of our country by sarcastically saying “yay, liberty…go freedom” it makes me ponder how would these folks love to live somewhere else. Now don’t get me wrong, because of this country and the men and women who fought and died for their freedom of expression these people have EVERY right to say what they said. It just burns my butt when too many Americans take that freedom for granted.

American is the greatest country in the world. Period.

There are things that, as a country, we don’t do right. I will be the first to admit our history is littered with bad decisions with painful outcomes. From the Trail of Tears to the Iraq War, we have made our mistakes. But we learn from our mistakes -- or at least we try. We learned that slavery was evil and blacks have rights just like white people do. We spend more money on charitable work here and overseas than any other country on this planet. We’ve put a man on the moon and developed vaccines to nearly eradicate diseases like polio. We’ve braved the wilderness and created cross-continent railroads. We’ve have taken to the skies that was once the domain of the birds. And we have created a country that over 1 million people annually have decided to become a citizen of. This is a great country.

This great country allows us to choose what we like, express how we feel and be a part of groups that might not be popular. And in this great country, as long as you are not taking away the rights of others, chances are you enjoy this freedom too. For example, I have friends and family that I love very much. However, some of them participate in things or associate themselves with groups that I don’t care for. THAT’S GREAT!!! Why? Because what floats their boat doesn’t necessarily float mine -- and vice versa. You wanna be gay? Good for you! You like listening to country music? Awesome! You like living in the city? Spectacular! You enjoy zombie movies? That’s terrific!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The point is this, at the very least respect America. Respect the freedom you enjoy that other generations have died so that you might be able to post on facebook that your precious snowflake just did a poo-pee in the toilet. Respect the freedom that allows you to express your frustration with people that are shooting off fireworks. Respect the freedom that allows you to enjoy a lifestyle that is not considered normal be it a devout Protestant or a liberal gay couple. This freedom allows us to live in a country where we can love one another as countrymen even if we disagree on the little things.

I’ll leave you with this. In a country where two rival schools can tease and taunt each other on a daily basis in good fun, if there ever came a point where we would have to fight an invading country that was trying to take away our freedom – I would go to battle with a Husky and call him my brother. Why? Because I love this country enough to go to war and die for the freedoms I all too often take for granted today, even with a Husky. May God forgive us our mistakes as a young nation, and bless us with the humanity to respect and love each other in freedom.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A love story for today? You decide.

Ben has to make a choice. This is a decision that he does not want to
make -- but has to. For some time now he's been wooed by the young
Joslyn. No longer a girl, but not quite a woman, Joslyn's devotion
towards Ben has been an incredible turn on. Not to mention the day she
removed her shirt. Oh that chest! A firm body with that build. It was
almost too much for Ben to handle.

You see, his heart belongs to another gal. Quite shy in school, but
very mysterious in an erotic kind of way. Ever since they met, the two
of them have been inseparable. Elana's family is also great. A cool
brother who he could call his best friend. A crazy sister who seems to
have a problem with her emotions. And another brother who always seems
angry while the other sister was like a big sister to him too. Elana
was his destiny. But she left him before; broke his heart. That's
where Joslyn stepped in and his feelings for her changed.

So who does he choose? His head or his heart. In the end, his
attraction to the stunningly gorgeous Joslyn would lose out to his
infatuation with Elana -- his true love.


So your thinking, this story seems a little inappropriate. Why would
anyone write about a guy and his choice over the sexy and beautiful
young lady and the mysterious and erotic quite girl. If you haven't
figured this out by now, thats the double standard in our society.
Imagine if Twilight was truly about a boy deciding between to chicks
-- oh the outrage, oh the perverts, oh the humanity! However, it's not
and so therefore women -- young and old -- can ogle all they want
about a teenager and a young man. Yep, that's a double standard.