Friday, July 23, 2010

I Was Fired Today

That was what my blog post was supposed to say today. Given a verbal warning on June 23rd to improve my production or face termination in one month, the hope was that by making more sales I would inevitably save my job. Well, the production didn’t improve – it actually got worse – and so I was let go two weeks into this four week window. I haven’t talked much about my termination in the past two weeks ‘cause I wanted to let the dust clear before I discussed my feelings about what has happen.

Let me begin by saying the best vision in the world is described is that of hindsight – 20/20…can’t get much better than that. I left one career that I had been a part of for almost 10 years. I felt it was time to go. As the economy was getting tighter for a sales guy and then to have them add a second sales rep, I just couldn’t see making a living through all of that frustration. Are there things I could have done better at that job? Absolutely. Are there things that upper management could have done better to help me through that frustration. Definitely. At the end of the day we both failed each other and I left a company that began as a family, but then felt like a marriage that was over and no one really knew why. It just was.

In stepped an opportunity to start fresh in a new career selling a pretty simple product. My buddy told me that when he first started there were some frustrations, but now things were better and all in all it was a good company with good pay. So I contacted the sales manager and within two weeks I was hired. However, the whole hire process was a little suspect. For example, I was told that I needed to meet with the general manager before a decision could be made. Ok, no problem. Well, they needed me to meet him in a spur of the moment meeting three days later…at 9 am. That wasn’t going to work since I needed to give proper notice to take a personal day and Mondays were sales meeting days. The future company wouldn’t budge and I uncomfortably asked for and took off that day to meet with the general manager.

Here’s where the first red flag came up. I show up Monday morning to meet with the general manager. I even arrived 15 minutes early to make a good impression. I introduced myself to the receptionist and told her I had a 9 am appointment with the general manager. The blank look on her face said it all. She knew of no meeting. She said she would make some calls and see what’s what.

Twenty minutes later (9:05) she instructs me she is still trying to find out what is going on. Finally, at 9:20 we get an answer from the HR manager. You see, no one instructed her as to the meeting because she was on vacation the previous week. And to top it off, the general manger who I was suppose to meet? You know, the meeting that was so damn important that I looked like a fool taking a personal day off for. Apparently, he was called away to a very important meeting at corporate and totally forgot about the meeting. You guessed it, there was no meeting. Is this how a company runs their operation? Nah, my buddy said they were good people. Hindsight is 20/20.

To list the rest of the various reasons why it didn’t work would be a waste of typing and reading. Ultimately, and this is my humble opinion, the position was a wall sticker job. What I mean is that if you throw enough spaghetti against the wall, some of it’s bound to stick. There were things I was told about the job that NEVER came to be. When I expressed my concerns about the job during the hiring process and help I would need to be successful, those concerns were addressed in such a way that I felt comfortable choosing this company as my next career. Besides, my success is tied to their success so it’s in their best interest to help me succeed, right? I should’ve known I was dealing with sales representatives.

In the end, was it a good decision to leave the company I had known for almost 10 years? Yes. The love was gone. Was it a good move to choose the following company? No. But here’s my Doogie Howser/Wonder Years/Family Ties/Full House moment – I’m happy. I learned that I do not like sales. I also realized I have a chance to move forward in a career that I truly want to: Information Technology. I’ve mapped out the rest of my classes with my adviser to finish my Management Information Systems Bachelor’s Degree next Fall 2011. Aside from friends and family – and a good pizza – I love computers. I’m a technology geek. I’m an iTard for new gadgets. This is my passion and that’s what I want to be a part of.

I have a loving and supportive family who understands the stress and hell that I have been through over the past 3-4 years with my job, our finances and my faith. Is this my “coming to Jesus” moment – I know my wife hopes so. But here’s the bottom line – and thank you for staying with this blog because it’s abnormally long – I believe in a higher power. And I believe that in life you have to scrap up your knees before you truly learn how to be humble about your place in this world and your short time on this planet. Life is never promised to us as being easy and can sometimes get downright effing hard. But I now understand, it’s what I do from these life lessons that shapes and molds my integrity and who I be for the rest of my days. And the reason I do what I do is that I have 10 little eyes watching, learning and remembering how dad made it through those rough years and I want them to be proud of the better man and father that I ultimately become.

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