Thursday, July 1, 2010

A love story for today? You decide.

Ben has to make a choice. This is a decision that he does not want to
make -- but has to. For some time now he's been wooed by the young
Joslyn. No longer a girl, but not quite a woman, Joslyn's devotion
towards Ben has been an incredible turn on. Not to mention the day she
removed her shirt. Oh that chest! A firm body with that build. It was
almost too much for Ben to handle.

You see, his heart belongs to another gal. Quite shy in school, but
very mysterious in an erotic kind of way. Ever since they met, the two
of them have been inseparable. Elana's family is also great. A cool
brother who he could call his best friend. A crazy sister who seems to
have a problem with her emotions. And another brother who always seems
angry while the other sister was like a big sister to him too. Elana
was his destiny. But she left him before; broke his heart. That's
where Joslyn stepped in and his feelings for her changed.

So who does he choose? His head or his heart. In the end, his
attraction to the stunningly gorgeous Joslyn would lose out to his
infatuation with Elana -- his true love.


So your thinking, this story seems a little inappropriate. Why would
anyone write about a guy and his choice over the sexy and beautiful
young lady and the mysterious and erotic quite girl. If you haven't
figured this out by now, thats the double standard in our society.
Imagine if Twilight was truly about a boy deciding between to chicks
-- oh the outrage, oh the perverts, oh the humanity! However, it's not
and so therefore women -- young and old -- can ogle all they want
about a teenager and a young man. Yep, that's a double standard.

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