Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goodnight Mr. Zuckerberg

So I've made a a new discovery today....I am too addicted to facebook.

"Did anyone reply to my post?"

"Who just ate a ham sandwich?"

"When is that event I'm not attending?"

Enough is enough. For this blogger facebook has become a time waster, but more importantly it's become a life waster. Sure, it's great to catch up with old friends and stay in touch with family. However, do I really need to take my social life online? Hell, I don't have a social life right now!

This is by no means a knock on people who use facebook--it can be a great social media tool. But I believe it's time for me to cut back my involvement on facebook SIGNIFICANTLY. Don't get me a weird sick and twisted way I love to entertain the masses with new things I find or funny pictures and I will continue to do so. Just not as much on facebook.

Time to get off the internet and go spend some time with my family. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

It's sounds right on and I totally support you! - Til' next time, AMBER