Friday, February 11, 2011

Who the Frick Ripped Holes in My Parachute?!

It's been over two months now since I started my new career in IT. I find myself learning something new everyday and that's what motivates me to get up every morning. I can tell you it's not because of the entry-entry-level pay, it's because I love computers. This is definitely the field I want to be in. This is the career I've been looking for.

However, making this transition from my old career in sales where I made $$$ but hated everyday of work to a beginning position in IT has been a financial earthquake for us. I am much happier, but now I'm making the same amount of scratch that I made 11 years ago! Thank God my wife has a part-time/small business that helps fill in some of the cracks. I know I am not alone. I had a chance to talk to two of my good friends on the phone, the other through email. Seems almost everyone is still smarting from an economy that has tanked and is SLOWLY working it's way back to health.

Of course I'm not an oil baron or professional athlete or movie star so I'm still working through this economy just like everyone else. But mark my words, if I win the mother-effing lottery tomorrow....I promise you I will never work another day in my life! Until then, I'll focus on living a fuller life with less Benjamins in my pocket.

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