Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40 Days Towards a Better Understanding of God

In short, Lent is a 40 day period between Ash Wednesday and the Saturday before Easter. This tradition excludes Sundays from the 40 days because they are set aside to commemorate the Lord's Resurrection. In the Catholic Church we officially end Lent on Holy Thursday in preparation for Good Friday, Good Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Lent means something different to everyone. For me it's a time of self-sacrifice, reflection, obedience and down right spiritual spring cleaning. Lent is a time to give more of myself to God and at the same time learn how to be more faithful to the teachings of Christ. This doesn't mean I shouldn't do this the other 325 days of the year--God knows I should. It simply means that during this period when I'm "sacrificing & suffering" like Christ, I need to draw closer to him. I need to empty myself out.....so I can allow Christ to fill me up.

So for Lent I have decided to forgo drinking coffee and soda. These are both vices of mine that I will eliminate from my life for the next six weeks. I see this as relying on the comfort of Christ instead of running to a comfort drink. I will also post a quick daily blog based off of the scripture readings I receive in my email inbox from Air1 Radio. Nothing deep, just a short reflection on what I take away from the reading.

In the end, I expect to come away from this Lent season a little more mature in my faith and a lot more understanding of what it takes to truly follow Christ.

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