Monday, March 14, 2011

Come Back to Me, I Love You

I’m ready, God, so ready, ready from head to toe, ready to sing, ready to raise a tune!
~Psalm 57:7

This is my heart’s desire.

With so many distractions in the normal busyness of life, I forget this is my heart’s desire. Praising the Lord comes somewhere between finishing my homework, paying the bills and Sunday. And even on Sundays I’m too caught up in this life to genuinely give the Creator of the universe my devotion for one hour.

It’s not that I can’t. Long ago are the days of living ardently for God—to my ol’ youth group homies, a Jesus Freak. Somewhere along the way I told God I’ll praise Him when I want to. Then it became: Why Should I? “I hate my job. I lost my mom. I can’t pay the bills. I’m too lazy to pray. I don’t want to read the bible. I’m a sinner.”

I’m a sinner.

Does God need my praise? Of course not. Does He desire to hear my voice in gratitude and thankfulness for all the blessings in my life? Absolutely. He is a loving Father—and I get that. I know how much it would break my heart if any of my kids ran away from me. I would continually desire to be with them. If they came back to me would I love them? More than words could describe. That’s what God is saying to me on a daily basis. Come back to me, I love you.

I should begin each morning with a spirit of praise. Praise Him for my life. Praise Him for my family. Praise Him for my friends. Praise Him for my health. But most of all, Praise Him that He sent His son to Earth to die… that I may live forever in heaven with my loving Father.

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