Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Online Social Life Needed a Break

I walked away from facebook on February 3rd. I came back March 3rd. Why?

The short answer? I needed a break.

You see, facebook became what Mark Zuckerberg would call  my "social life online". Although this is a remarkable breakthrough in communication over the past 7 years, this is also a dangerous way to live your life. I started to be more concerned with my virtual life and not so much with my real life. Facebook became my drug of choice to get away from the sometimes pains of real life.

So I challenged myself. Could I resist not posting on facebook?

It started off as just a couple of days. My first challenge was not posting about the Daddy Daughter Dance. This was tough, but I did it. Then came the Superbowl--my first "blowing off  steam" event. Not one mention. However, to be honest I did use twitter during this time. Apparently I still have to share my opinion with anyone who will read it. LOL! And the last hurdle? Not mentioning one damn thing about the Cougars win over the Huskies AT Hec Ed. That's when I knew I beat facebook at it's own game.

During that month's time I learned some things about facebook and the community of individuals that use it. We all post some really dumb things. Although I boycotted posting, I still watched and learned about how we communicate on there. Some of you understand what took me a month to learn. Others of you don't get it yet. This is by no means a judgement on anyone, merely an observation.

What I learned is this: 
I am not as important as I think I am and at the same time I am more important than I realize.

A few of you were thoughtful enough to post encouraging, yet words of concern about me and my well being. You do not know how tough it was to ignore you and not respond. Just remember your kindness won't be forgotten. May God bless you. :-)

So what does this all mean?

I have changed for the better. As I come back to facebook I see myself a little more mature in my thoughts and actions.....however, let not your heart be troubled.....not too mature. ;-)

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bjdavis said...

Rory, you are a brave man! I know all to well the struggle not to post. More importantly, I want to Thank you for your determination. While on vacation I too realized the amount of control Facebook had on my life. Sometimes hearing it from someone else helps you put it all into perspective.
With all of that said, WELCOME BACK. How was that Daddy Daughter Dance? Congrats on the Cougar win against the Huskies!!!
Although cyberspace can be a dangerous place, it can also make your family of friends grow stronger!!!
Sure missed you while you were "breaking"!