Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Godless People Will Not Lead You Towards Righteousness

You can be ruined by the talk of godless people, but the wisdom of the righteous can save you.
~ Proverbs 11:9, GNT

I am generally a friendly person. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. There have been times in my life that my friendliness has allowed me to venture down the path of unrighteousness. Now, before I make this out to be a blog about how “holy” I am—stop right there. My point is this; I am also easily persuaded to follow the group. The easy road is just that, easy. It is easier to follow the crowd over a cliff then to stop in mid-exodus and turn the other way.

My past is littered with old friendships that have been severed. This makes me sad but also makes me understand that in order to get closer to God; sometimes it’s necessary to cut all ties with those who have no desire to turn towards God. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends who don’t go to church. But these same people respect me enough to not lead me down a path of destruction—knowingly. These are not the people I’m talking about.

The people I’m talking about either 1) subconsciously influence my life in a negative way by their actions or words through normal conversation or hanging out, or 2) they think all religion is bogus and deep down inside enjoy “making the Christian do bad things”. I understand this may sound like I’m attacking everyone else, but keep in mind we are all influenced by someone or some group. Our lives will show who we allow to influence us by our positive or negative thoughts and/or actions.

Lately, I have been trying to fill my life with positive Catholic influences. This is not to say if you aren’t Catholic or Protestant I will sever all ties with you. Far from it! If I feel like you are a positive part of my life I want you in it. Yet, it is important for me to grow in my faith and become a better Catholic. I love my friends…..however, I love Christ more.

So I challenge you. Are you hanging around people who are truly ungodly and having a negative impact on your life and/or relationship with God? If so, maybe it’s time to make the tough choice and turn to God. In the end, the choice will be easy and God will lead you towards righteousness.


Chaia said...

I rly like this entry. While a lot of ppl don't understand, I feel the same way. I had to get certain ppl out of my life b/c of the effect they had on me & my faith. But it goes for anything, like you said. I have a friend who had to cut ties with a group of friends b/c they always partied n drank way too much, and he didn't want to be apart of that anymore. But it is also hard. It's possible to end up missing those ppl, but certainly not the lifestyle.

Thanks for sharing, rory :)

Anonymous said...

It probably goes the other way too. Many intelligent humans might have celebrated cutting ties with self-righteous Christians, that dumb down their brains severely.

Funny, how all you fundamentalist Christians (aka see through Hypocrites) think lowly of people that question the existence of an impersonal God, yet shamelessly use every Scientific discovery made by some of those people to better your lives.

It's an open challenge to you: Stick by God, let him cure all your diseases & provide all modern amenities for you. Do not use any Scientific invention (TVs, computers, electricity etc.), stop going to hospitals (because medicine is Science), and then come back and post.

Else Shut Up!