Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Would've Cheered for Christ Today...and Screamed to Crucify Him on Friday

The crowds walking in front of Jesus and those walking behind began to shout, “Praise to David's Son! God bless him who comes in the name of the Lord! Praise be to God!”
~Matthew 21:9, GNT

As we were heading off to church this morning I was explaining to the kids about how today is recognized as the day that Jesus came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey to huge fanfare. Everyone except for the religious leaders where welcoming him with open arms. What the crowd didn’t know then that we all know now is that in four short days this same crowd will be screaming to crucify him.

Crowds and groups of people can be finicky…I can be finicky.

Whereas I spend some time last night talking to my brother about how happy I am with the Catholic church and how much I’ve grown in my spiritual life under the direction of the leaders, I found myself today complaining because “they didn’t do the Palm Sunday mass right”.

I am a tool.

I would have been someone in that crowd on that day some 2000 years ago who would cheer Christ on Sunday and crucify him on Friday. That’s not meant to shock anyone who reads this, it’s meant to demonstrate that I am human. This introspection into my heart reveals that I still need to go deeper with my relationship with Christ. I am afraid I am still too much like Peter before Christ was crucified. Around close friends and family I may stick up and embrace Christ, but out in public I might deny him. I pray I wouldn’t.

The point is this, just like the Jews from 2000 years ago I can get excited about Christ. The hope is that I realize WHO Christ is—my savior; the ONE who died on the cross for my sins; the same sins that put those nails into his hands; the same hands that comfort me when I come back to him. On this Palm Sunday I desire to be excited for Christ’s entrance into my life, but I also must remember that my Lord—an innocent man—will die on Good Friday because of MY sin.

Thank God for Easter Sunday.

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