Friday, April 8, 2011

So You're a Sinner. Good, Now the Healing Can Begin

Let grace, mercy, and peace be with us in truth and love from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, Son of the Father!
~ 2 John 1:3, The Message

I’ve been talking a lot about reconciliation during Lent. While I was sitting at the Reconciliation service at our church tonight I got to thinking, “I wonder if people think I am just this horrible person for always going to reconciliation.” Maybe sharing about the amount of times I go to confession would put people off. Am I being a good witness by…..sinning?

The answer is yes.

The reason I share with you my sins is two-fold. First off, I want to share with anyone who will read this blog that there is forgiveness and there is hope. There is nothing you have done in your past that the Father will not forgive you for. If you come to him with an honest heart and seek forgiveness, God will meet your needs. I can’t prove this, but my faith and my personal mental health have dramatically improved since I began to go to God with my sins.

Secondly, I am a sinner. Guess what, if you are reading this you too are a sinner. Of course, if you’re not reading this you’re a sinner as well. For too long society has looked down on this term as derogatory and filthy. Here’s the deal, everyone sins and no one is perfect. I walked out of the service tonight and I’m sure I sinned. Why? Because of human nature. But the good thing is this, once you accept the fact you’re a sinner that’s when the healing begins. That’s when you let go and let God take control.

I read the other day that parish priests are actually happy to see more of their parishioners go to confession. Why? Because they say that it’s obvious that those people are trying to live more like Christ and acknowledge their flaws/sins. Give your burdens to the Lord and be FREE!!! I can’t preach this wisdom enough—I know where I was last September and where I’m at now.

Because of that leap of faith to let God take control and carry my burdens I am a much happier and peaceful man. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. But don’t be a wuss, give it ALL to God! Let Jesus carry your burdens and experience the same grace, mercy and peace that God has given to me.

Are you still reading this?! Get moving and experience God’s forgiveness and healing TODAY!!!

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