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Doing a Bad Thing for a Good Cause Doesn't Mean the Heart is Focused on God

David Kills the Messenger
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Throughout the Old Testament there is plenty of violence. As God's chosen people work their way back to the promised land, many tribes that stood in the way were wiped out. At times it can be quite unnerving to read about all this death and destruction in God's word.

Yet in the midst of all the carnage in the Old Testament, God uses David to show that violence does not necessarily guarantee blessings. In 2 Samuel 1, an Amalekite man came to David to share the news that he had struck down King Saul--clearly a lie since Saul took his own life (1 Sam 31). Expecting David to praise him for his "courage", the Amalekite was in for a surprise when David called for HIS death. King Saul was God's anointed and David took that title very serious...even if Saul wanted him dead.

Being a devout man, David took his relationship with the Lord very serious and was in constant communication with God concerning his plans and movements as he marched towards his inevitable reign as King of Israel  David had a few opportunities to kill King Saul, but always spared his life to show God's mercy. The "murder" of King Saul by the Amalekite was a violation of the Lord's anointing of the king.

The great thing about the stories in the Bible is just when the reader thinks they've seen it all, God brings the point home even harder with an even crazier story!

Ish-Bosheth was the son of King Saul and had since taken over the throne with the king's passing. Ish-Bosheth had two men who were leaders of raiding bands, Baanah and Rekab. One night the two leaders turned their loyalties towards David by sneaking into the kings bedroom and killed him. As their proof to David, they cut off the head of the king and brought it to him. Again, these men thought they were doing a good thing with their violence, but you guessed it.....David had them both killed for an unrighteous act.

David proclaimed that their actions of killing an innocent man, in his own house, in his own bed was wicked.

What we can take from these lessons is though we may believe that our moments of "un-Christian" actions may bring further glory to God's kingdom, our hearts couldn't be further from the Truth. The Lord requires from us holiness and righteousness. We must remember that God can bring glory to all things and that taking matters into our own hands--like God couldn't just snap his proverbial holy fingers to fix a situation and serve justice
--may not bring us the praise and reward we are selfishly looking for. Do good things in God's name and let the Lord sort out the rest.

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