Tuesday, April 9, 2013

With Great Procrastination Comes Great Clarity

It's been almost two years since I took my Lenten journey to blog about a Bible verse of the day.

Boy has life changed since then.

Today I find myself more humble. Things have happened in my life that have allowed me to accept the fact the God is God....and I am not. Reading the old blog entries I saw a man trying to find himself in God. Sure, he was saying all the right things but deep down inside did he believe it? I'm not sure.

It takes a real man to fall on his knees and admit he's a failure. As of late I've decided to invest in a pair of holy knee pads--for all of these not so winning moments in my spiritual life. But this is good and I accept it now. I love going to confession...wait, let me clarify that statement...I love the feeling AFTER going to confession. Going to confession because I am a tool is not fun. The joy of forgiveness after venting my spleen to a priest is unbelievable.

Lately, I've been getting a little high and mighty in my walk. I kid you not, every time I pat myself on the back for "having control over my sin", the Devil always sneaks in and reminds me I'm human. It's amazing how pride can truly bring down a man. Thank God for forgiveness and grace. It's God's mercy that enables me to go back to confession for the 50-millionth time to ask for forgiveness.

I hope to add more blog posts in the weeks to come. I want to share my successes, my struggles, my praises and my hope with others. I may be just a man in the Pacific Northwest, but I am God's man and I now strive to do all things for His glory. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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chaia said...

as soon as i start feeling better and high and mighty and closer to God, it's like he pulls the rug from under me for humility. i think it's good. :)

thanks for sharing rory. i like the confession picture, too. haha.